Dentures Keep Falling Out? Try These Tips

Whether you’re missing a whole mouthful or a few pearly whites, dentures are a great fix to both situations. However, sometimes the dentures can have trouble staying in the right position. Not to mention, dentures falling at public places can be a source of embarrassment too.

Before you search for “how to repair dentures in Pleasant Prairie,” try out these simple tips.  The below methods to ensure you have the smile you deserve!

how to repair dentures in Pleasant Prairie

Use a Denture Adhesive

One of the best ways to fix those falling dentures is using an adhesive. Of course, you shouldn’t be using crafty adhesives for this situation. Dentures adhesives are available in the form of liquids, powders, and creams.

When you apply them, this adhesive mixes with your saliva. It causes the dentures to puff and better attach to your gums. Remember to use only a small amount initially. Using too much denture adhesive can make it hard to take off at night.

Don’t Wear the Dentures to Bed.

Though it is possible to sleep with the dentures on, you should never do that. Your jawbones and gums need a chance to rest after bearing the pressure of the dentures all day. Bedtime is the much-needed recovery time for your jawbones and gums.

Soak the Dentures in Warm Water

When you take the dentures off at night, it’s an excellent time for you to soak them in some warm water. Avoid using hot water, and always immerse the dentures in lukewarm or cool water. Keep the dentures wet will help them retain their fit and shape.

Following these tips can help you maintain the dentures correctly and prevent them from loosening up. You can also ask your dentist for more care tips to avoid this frustrating situation.